Week 15

  • cprose
Posted: Wed, 04/13/2011 - 16:41

The Girju paper for Monday discusses ways of finding certain types of structure in language that allows us to consider pairs or sets of spans of text in relation to one another. In your post, write up any clarifying questions you have about how the technical approach works and then talk about how you think the ideas may or may not be useful for modeling Engagement and possibly thereby be applicable for Assignment 4, or might be useful for Assignment 4 apart from consideration of Engagement.

Wednesday's paper focuses on presentation of self through profiles. If we assume that findings from this study apply to the aspects of self-concept that a blogger may consciously or subconsciously be displaying through their writing, what ideas does this give you for Assignment 4? In particular, how are the findings reported in the paper related to the issue of gender and language in blogs?