Week 1 Lecture 1: Course Intoduction

Week 1 Lecture 2: Discourses and Figured Worlds Note that we talked about this data set in class.

Week 2 Lecture 1: Building Tasks

Week 2 Lecture 2: More on Building Tasks and Intro to Systemic Functional Linguistics We also discussed your analysis of this thread and my analysis, which included a high level write up and a table.

Week 3 Lecture 1 was canceled. For lecture 2 we analyzed this data . Here is my analysis of it.

Week 4 Lecture 1: Speech Act Analysis. You can find a summary of some of the analyses that were posted here .

Week 4 Lecture 2: Computational Approaches to Dialogue Act Tagging

Week 5 Lecture 1: Discourse Analysis vs Conversation Analysis

Here are also Elijah's SIDE slides and a one page cheat sheet about writing plugins

Week 5 Lecture 2: The Negotiation Framework

Here are also Elijah's slides about his computational framework for coding Negotiation

Week 6 Lecture 1: Statistical Model of Turn Taking

Week 6 Lecture 2: Metaphors and Frames

Week 7 Lecture 1: Computational Approaches to Metaphor

Week 8 Lecture 1: Appraisal, part 1

Week 8 Lecture 2: Appraisal, part 2

Week 9 was Spring Break

Week 10 Lecture 1: Recognizing Sarcasm with a Bootstrapping Approach

Week 10 Lecture 2: Linking mentions and evaluative expressions

Week 11 Lecture 1: Latent Sentence Perspective Model

Week 12 Lecture 1: Reference and Identity

Week 13 Lecture 1: the double arrow of time

Week 13 Lecture 2: personality and LIWC

Week 14 Lecture 1: Intro to Heteroglossia

Week 14 Lecture 2: More about Heteroglossia

Week 15 Lecture 1: Social Causality

Week 15 Lecture 2: Analysis of User Profiles

Week 16 Lecture 1: Hegemony