Week 14

  • cprose
Posted: Wed, 04/06/2011 - 12:43

This week we'll be talking about Engagement. On Monday we'll talk about heteroglossia versus monoglossia, and we'll make finer grained distinctions for the discussion on Wednesday. The hope is that this will lead to ideas for Assignment 4, such as we were discussing at the end of class on Wednesday of Week 13. Please come to class ready to discuss what you see when you apply the ideas in this chapter to either one of the blog entries we talked about last week, or to a different one (or more than 1 if you are very ambitious) that you pick out of the dataset for assignment 4. If you pick a different post, please paste the post in your message so we can all see what data you are looking at. And point out specific examples of the different categories we are examining (i.e., monoglossic versus heteroglossic for Monday). Of particular interest would be cases you find problematic from a labeling perspective.

Please also include comments about what connection you hypothesize, if any, between gender and Engagement.

After you read the part of the chapter that is assigned and have done some analysis on your own using your own interpretation, here is some more information that might be interesting to you:

If you want to know which data I will analyze for class, here is the specific data I will look at . Here is a one page coding manual for heteroglossia -- please don't read this until *after* you read the original chapter by Martin and White. Here is a paper where we manipulated the style of conversational agent texts to be heteroglossic or not to see what the impact would be on student conversational behavior.