Week 13: (posted early...)

  • cprose
Posted: Sun, 03/27/2011 - 18:51

Monday of Week 12 and Monday of Week 13 you were assigned theoretical papers on what one can see about how a person identifies both him/herself as well as the audience. The Monday reading focuses on the use of time. A good piece of data to look at in connection with the chapter is the following story from a story of my life website.

We have been thinking about how the theory of discourse and identity applied to blogs, and so for Wednesday's class we'll return to the excerpt from the blog corpus we looked at on Monday of Week 12. The reading for Wednesday of week 13 is a computational paper about assessing personality from blogs. Think about what is different and similar about the kinds of evidence that are brought to bear in the analysis. Based on this comparison, do you agree with the computational approach in the Gill et al. paper? How would you approach the problem?